Author Guidelines


Articles sent to the editor Miyah: Journal of Islamic Studies should follow the technical provisions as follows:

  1. Articles are written conceptual or results of the study of Islamic studies in a wide scope of the assessment, among others: a) the Scientific Education; b) Scientific Islamic law; c) The Scientific Tradition.
  2. The article is the work authentic and have not been published in the journal (scientific periodical) else or book potpourri.
  3. The article is written in Indonesian, Arabic or English standard with a space of 1.5 cm on A4 paper and sent in print form (print out) in 1 copies or sent via email to the address: 20-25 pages long article. Articles submitted no later than two months before the journal was published.
  4. Include an abstract in Indonesian, Arabic, and English up to 200 words; on each abstract is followed by keywords (keywords).
  5. The name of the author of the article (with no academic degree, position or rank) shall be accompanied by correspondence address, email address and or phone number, office or mobile phone.
  6. Referral in the article using the model footnotedengan attention to the peculiarities of reference referred to, such as books, translations, voluminous book / volume, potpourri books, articles in anthologies, journal articles, articles in the encyclopedia, the article on the website (internet), article in the mass media (magazines or newspapers), thesis, dissertation, or scripture. As an example:
  • Books-Jamal al-Banna, Fiqh Naḥw Jadid: Munṭaliqât wa Mafaheem (Cairo: Dar al-Fikr al-Islami, 1999), 23.

 All the articles that come in, free of charge.